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From kgw.com :

PORTLAND, Ore. — Immigration officials have revealed a plan to create holding cells in Portland’s slowly up-and-coming dying South Waterfront neighborhood.

fixed that for you.  A brand new ICE jail for transient prisoners is just what the John Ross condobacle needs to sell those last few units (at 60% below original list price).

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WTF?  I can’t understand how this happened in the first place, let alone that it would take 2 years to get it straightened out.  There has got to be more to the story than what G&M is telling us.. .

The legal nightmare began when Noah was vacationing with his stepfather in small-town Oregon, while his mother and younger sister remained at home in Canada.

The boy was riding his bike without a helmet when he was stopped by police, but had trouble answering questions. He has severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but maintains an A average in school. Officials checked out his background and found an open social services file in Canada, which was the result of his special needs assistance, and that he was in the U.S. without his mother, his legal guardian and deemed her note permitting care by his stepfather wasn’t enough.

Noah was taken into custody to protect his welfare, although Oregon’s Department of Human Services won’t talk about the case citing privacy rules.

Noah’s mother, Lisa, and stepfather, John, who now resides with the family in Calgary and is the father of Noah’s sister Mia, (he and his wife for a time lived in different cities) have been fighting to be reunited with Noah ever since.

Last month, Oregon’s Lane County Circuit Court Judge Kip Leonard ruled that he might be open to sending the boy back to Canada when the school year ends, but there was no guarantee.

via U.S. judge rules boy can return to Calgary after nearly two years in foster care – The Globe and Mail.

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It was only a matter of time:

An attorney representing a 19-year-old Chinese college student who was shocked in his apartment by a Eugene police officer’s Taser stun gun has formally notified city officials that the teen and his roommate will file a civil rights lawsuit in the controversial case.

If I was Pete Kerns, I’d be pushing the city to settle this as quickly and quietly as possible.

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Well, duh.

In a unanimous vote, the seven-member Eugene Civilian Review Board said Warden was wrong in using a Taser on the Chinese student, who had been mistakenly identified as a trespasser in his own apartment.

… the board majority said the board has the authority under the city charter to call for a new investigation.

Of course the police don’t need to respond to that call. And they won’t. But now everyone can say they’ve done their part, and there won’t be any need for embarrassment when they bump into each other over dinner at Chili’s in the Valley River Mall.

That is, until the inevitable lawsuit gets filed.

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As a refresher, these cops forced their way into the bedroom of an apartment, one of the cops tripped over his own clumsy feet, and so he tasered the tenant who was in lawful possession. The tenant is a skinny non-english-speaking UO student. Just a kid, basically. And the kid was considering filing suit against the police for reasons I think should be fairly obvious.

I guess I’ve missed a couple of updates on this one:

Soon after learning about the incident in September, Eugene’s police auditor, Mark Gissiner, opened a complaint case, interviewed two Chinese students through a translator and twice visited their apartment.

As auditor, Gissiner also monitored the police department’s investigation into the matter. Last month, Gissiner disagreed with Kerns, saying Warden fired the Taser inappropriately.

Yet much like the civilian review board, Gissiner has no say in deciding officer discipline.

I’m shocked, shocked that an internal police investigation found no problems with this officer’s conduct. But if they did nothing wrong… why did they apologize?

Mayor Kitty Piercy apologized to the Chinese students.

Maybe I need to get my hearing checked, but that sounds like “large cash settlement” to me.

And in other news on the same page, the dirty hippies and skateboard derelicts who loiter outside the library are going to have to find somewhere else to give themselves lung cancer. I for one say huzzah.

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Why would a utility company need my DOB and SSN to start service at an apartment rental that is owned by someone else? If I default, won’t they just revert billing to the owner?

(edit 10 minutes later) or, more to the point: Why should they care who I am as long as I pay the bills on time? Is the electric company refusing service to suspected terrorists?

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I’m kind of shocked that the R-G folks couldn’t come up with anything more salacious in this article about Bill Sizemore’s tax fraud woes:

A judge agreed Monday to delay conservative activist Bill Sizemore’s arraignment, giving the longtime foe of public employees three more weeks to decide whether to accept taxpayer-funded legal defense against criminal charges of tax evasion.

Sizemore said he intends to represent himself against the charge of evading state taxes in 2006, 2007 and 2008. But he said he and his wife, Cindy Sizemore, may elect to have a court-appointed public defender represent her. Both were rescheduled to be arraigned Dec. 29 in Marion County Circuit Court.

Sizemore filed as a Republican candidate for governor a few days before Oregon Attorney General John Kroger announced Sizemore’s grand-jury indictment. With the primary slated for May 20, Sizemore said he and his wife plan to plead not guilty and to seek an expedited trial.

“I think the voters of Oregon — especially the Republican voters in the primary — have a right to know whether this guy who is asking for their vote is going to be a convicted felon or whether he is just a victim of political persecution,” he said.

This is a little bit of inside-Oregon-baseball, but bear with me. In Oregon, it’s relatively easy to get new laws and constitutional amendments added to the popular ballot. you only need about 110,000 signatures to propose a constitutional amendment, and only about 50,000 to put up a referendum for popular vote. Since Oregon has roughly two million registered voters, the bar is actually pretty low. Now, anyone who has paid attention to politics in Oregon for the last few years will know that Sizemore is notorious for his zealous exercise of the Oregon ballot initiative process. Most of the proposals he drafts or promotes are anti-tax, anti-regulation, and anti-government; he is accorded credit for measure 7 and measure 37, which imposed takings-clause just compensation requirements on regulatory decisions affecting land-use.

So here’s why this is amusing- Sizemore is purportedly one of those Norquistian anti-tax, anti-government, libertarian ubermensch politicos, who has no personal need for government services and no use for the losers and degenerates who would derive benefits from them.

But here he is, dragged into court because he [allegedly] set up a sham charity to run his ballot initiative schemes and fund his own living expenses, and he didn’t pay his income taxes. And I’ll say this next part very slowly: he’s asking for extra time… so that he can decide… if he’s going to accept court-appointed legal representation… to defend him from charges of tax evasion… which defense will be paid for by state tax funds… which is what he’s accused of not paying.

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