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Save money: stop paying rent!

A growing number of the people whose homes are in foreclosure are refusing to slink away in shame. They are fashioning a sort of homemade mortgage modification, one that brings their payments all the way down to zero. They use the money they save to get back on their feet or just get by.

This type of modification does not beg for a lender’s permission but is delivered as an ultimatum: Force me out if you can.

via For Some Homeowners in Foreclosure, a Rent-Free Approach – NYTimes.com.

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Or short of wishing them ill, maybe we could at least stop giving them financial support?

Public opinion matters where issues are not of fundamental interest to a nation. Israel is not a fundamental interest to other nations. The ability to generate public antipathy to Israel can therefore reshape Israeli relations with countries critical to Israel. For example, a redefinition of U.S.-Israeli relations will have much less effect on the United States than on Israel. The Obama administration, already irritated by the Israelis, might now see a shift in U.S. public opinion that will open the way to a new U.S.-Israeli relationship disadvantageous to Israel.

The Israelis will argue that this is all unfair, as they were provoked. Like the British, they seem to think that the issue is whose logic is correct. But the issue actually is, whose logic will be heard? As with a tank battle or an airstrike, this sort of warfare has nothing to do with fairness [. . . .]

Internationally, there is little doubt that the incident will generate a firestorm. Certainly, Turkey will break cooperation with Israel. Opinion in Europe will likely harden. And public opinion in the United States — by far the most important in the equation — might shift to a “plague-on-both-your-houses” position.

via Flotillas and the Wars of Public Opinion | STRATFOR.

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WTF?  I can’t understand how this happened in the first place, let alone that it would take 2 years to get it straightened out.  There has got to be more to the story than what G&M is telling us.. .

The legal nightmare began when Noah was vacationing with his stepfather in small-town Oregon, while his mother and younger sister remained at home in Canada.

The boy was riding his bike without a helmet when he was stopped by police, but had trouble answering questions. He has severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but maintains an A average in school. Officials checked out his background and found an open social services file in Canada, which was the result of his special needs assistance, and that he was in the U.S. without his mother, his legal guardian and deemed her note permitting care by his stepfather wasn’t enough.

Noah was taken into custody to protect his welfare, although Oregon’s Department of Human Services won’t talk about the case citing privacy rules.

Noah’s mother, Lisa, and stepfather, John, who now resides with the family in Calgary and is the father of Noah’s sister Mia, (he and his wife for a time lived in different cities) have been fighting to be reunited with Noah ever since.

Last month, Oregon’s Lane County Circuit Court Judge Kip Leonard ruled that he might be open to sending the boy back to Canada when the school year ends, but there was no guarantee.

via U.S. judge rules boy can return to Calgary after nearly two years in foster care – The Globe and Mail.

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Police held back angry crowds shouting “Damn Israel” outside Israel’s missions to the country, as Turkey accused Israel of a “flagrant breach of international law,” and “disregard for human life and peaceful initiatives.”

via Israeli allies freeze military ties over deadly Gaza ship raid | Raw Story.

What would it take for the US to rethink our foreign aid to Israel?

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The Israeli attack on 6 Turkish ships carrying aid to Gaza, which has left 19 dead and 36 wounded according to latest estimates by Israel’s Channel 10 TV, has drawn a wave of global outrage, resulting in “widespread international condemnation of Israel, with Israeli envoys summoned to explain their country’s actions in several European countries” according to the NYT.

via Global Community Condemns Israeli Actions As Crowds Of Protesting Turks Scream “Long Live Global Intifada” | zero hedge.

This should end well.  Of course the US can’t seriously object, since we’ve been using drone attacks to murder random people all over the middle east.

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Of course, he most likely will get his life back, unlike, say, Gulf shrimpers. And with salary and bonus at about $4.5 million, it’s not such a bad life.

via Eschaton.

At the very least, Tony Hayward has committed multiple 10b-5 violations by misrepresenting the volume of oil escaping from his company’s failed drill project and by telling outright lies about the likelihood of success attached to the various schemes that have been attempted in order to patch the leak.
Of course, telling lies to the public also makes Tony criminally liable for securities fraud.  Next time he steps on shore, someone should arrest his ass in anticipation of the inevitable criminal charges.

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The key is if it’s in warrantee. And from what I can tell, mine’s not. So it would seem I’m hosed.

via On-Going Kindle Post-Mortem | Talking Points Memo.
So I’m vaguely interested in the outcome, if only from an IP-licensing perspective.  I wonder how much money Josh has already spent on Kindle content… and I wonder how much of it he’s ripped to another format, or if he’s stuck with the choice between (a) shelling out for another crapware locked platform so he can access the content he’s already bought or (b) letting it go, and then having to pay again for the same content if he wants to access it in a different format.

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