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There has been a bit of news going around regarding arrests the FBI made over the weekend in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. And, oddly, even though the people arrested have been charged with making plans to use deadly violence against agents of state and federal governments, (a) they’re being called a “militia” or “anti-government extremists” rather than “terrorists” and (b) some nutjobs seem to think that planning war against the US Government is perfectly OK.

I eagerly await a statement from Lindsay Graham explaining why these people are much too dangerous to be tried in civilian federal courts. (more…)

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So, the Utah strategy is to blackmail the federal government by stealing land it feels belongs to them? I’m sorry, wasn’t this exactly what O.J. tried to do?

Utah says that it is doing this because it wants more money to fund education. So where do you think the money is going to come from to litigate Utah’s takings claim?

Urim and Thummim!

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It was only a matter of time:

An attorney representing a 19-year-old Chinese college student who was shocked in his apartment by a Eugene police officer’s Taser stun gun has formally notified city officials that the teen and his roommate will file a civil rights lawsuit in the controversial case.

If I was Pete Kerns, I’d be pushing the city to settle this as quickly and quietly as possible.

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well, not really. I’ve been avoiding comment on the whole guns-in-Starbucks question because it seems like giving it more attention will just make it worse. But this is amusing because it involves the CEO of the company:

During a Q&A session at a Wednesday meeting with Starbucks shareholders, CEO Howard Schultz tried to mollify concerns some shareholders had about customers being allowed to enter Starbucks with guns in open carry states.

“I do want to clarify something you said that is not right,” he responded. “You can’t walk into Starbucks with a loaded gun. So that’s not the issue. The issue is, the law allows you to walk in with a weapon that people can see that is unloaded.”

Not exactly.

The fact is that, among the states permitting open carry, almost none require that the gun be unloaded. In Starbucks home state of Washington, for instance, it’s well within a customer’s rights to carry a loaded gun into their local Starbucks.

Well, now you have to wonder if it’s going to change. The only sure thing is that even though he was trying to end this dust-up, Schultz has just fanned the flames…

Stay tuned for the inevitable anti-Brady response from the NRA.

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