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Some high-caliber reporting about Florida’s Castle Doctrineright here:

Whoops! There goes Harold! Just an accident!

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aaaaah, Montana:

“When he called 911 and said, ‘I shot my son,’ that took care of a lot of the investigation,” Nixon said.

Jones said he would review the new law, and he noted that the state Supreme Court has yet to offer any guidance because the issue has not been considered on appeal. But it is unlikely, the judge said, that lawmakers intended to create an entirely new step in the criminal justice system that calls for a judge to determine before trial whether a self-defense claim is valid. That, he said, is the role of the jury.

Well, even without reading the text of the statue, I’d bet it’s actually the role of the grand jury… which should come into play before the judge even smells this one coming.

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upside down

calculated risk says 23% of borrowers are underwater. His commenters note, correctly, that it’s more like 10% of the roughly 100,000,000 “homeowners,” because that 23% ignores the people who have actually paid off their mortgages or otherwise own their homes outright.

But still: 10% of households underwater is a big problem!

There are only two reasonable solutions. The first is for Treasury to trash the dollar and just keep on printing currency until we’re all rich enough to afford to buy real estate at 2005 prices. The other is to have some kind of massive nationwide program to cram down housing debt, whether through bankruptcy or some other system. There really isn’t a third option, and wishing for the unicorns to save us by sending more troops to Afghanistan isn’t going to make the problem go away.

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Because everyone knows that Tasers are SAFE and NONLETHAL.

Police say three officers heard a struggle inside and entered the house and fought with Bain, who was temporarily stunned after being shot with a Taser.

Police tell the Newsday newspaper he continued to struggle as they handcuffed him and he was Tasered again before dying.

The medical examiner’s office will determine his cause of death.

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Aaaaah, Tarrant County. Where men are men, cops are cops, and dogs are property that you occasionally need to wipe off the walls after the cops get done shooting at them.

But it’s probably safe to assume that this little vignette has nothing to do with that other case:

FORT WORTH — A grand jury will decide whether a homeowner who fatally shot two suspected burglars last week after they kicked in his front door will face criminal charges, Tarrant County district attorney officials say.

Care to hazard a guess? I’d guess “not damn likely.”

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That’s some fine police work, Lou:

After Warden confronted the 19-year-old University of Oregon student in an upstairs bedroom and tried to pull the blanket off him, the officer was somehow knocked to the ground, according to the report.

“I was now tangled in the blanket and (the student’s) legs,” Warden wrote. “While I was on the ground, (he) turned toward me. I thought (he) was coming at me to potentially hurt me and told him to get back. He continued toward me ignoring my commands to now get back. I stood quickly and deployed my Taser […]

In a separate report, Warden said he didn’t know if he “tripped on (the student’s) legs, the blankets, my own feet, or slipped. I don’t know if (the student) swept my feet with his legs. I know I was pulling (the student’s) blanket back to see his hands and the next thing I know I am on the ground on my right side.”

so, clumsy, frightened cop (who has been videotaped tasering defenseless people in the past) + asian-looking, non-english speaker = taser? I’m supposed to believe that story? Even if they fire this guy, it’s going to end up costing Eugene a ton of cash. Guess maybe it would have been smarter to can him last year, after he tased that hippie who was already face-down, restrained, and handcuffed.

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from the Register-Guard:

The order issued Monday afternoon came after The Register-Guard and the Eugene Weekly separately asked the District Attorney’s Office to overturn a city decision that asserted state laws pertaining to personnel records required the police reports to remain secret until the city completes a misconduct investigation into officer Judd Warden’s actions. […]

Two weeks ago, [Eugene Police Chief] Kerns held a news conference and wrote a guest opinion piece in The Register-­Guard arguing that he could not share even basic details about the case with the media or the public because the misconduct investigation was under way. City attorneys advised him that releasing any information under those circumstances would violate state personnel records law and the city’s contract with the police officers’ union…

Um, yeah. Because, obviously, what matters most is protecting this taser-happy cop’s contract. I’m sure that keeping the records secret had nothing to do with trying to avoid a lawsuit. Nothing at all.

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