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You would think that crooks in Texas would start to get the message:

SAN ANTONIO — Police say a homeowner shot a would-be thief outside his South Side home early Monday morning. . . .
Because of the “castle doctrine” law, which gives a Texans the right to defend their property, the homeowner will most likely not face any charges.

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if you get shot at the first time, it takes a special kind of stupid to try to break in again:

A 68-year-old city man fired his pistol once at a 49-year-old man who had broken into his sister’s house on Wallace Street Southeast and demanded money while holding a 12-inch knife.

The shot missed, and the intruder fled Wednesday.

Less than two hours later, the same man broke in again, Warren police said.

This time, Kurfward Hutton’s aim was true. The intruder fled a second time, this time with serious injuries.

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