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This has been a busy week for fans of political game theory. Over the past six years, the actions of our political leaders have been building the friction between the Executive and the Legislative branches of the federal government. Bush and Cheney have been actively expanding the list of inherent powers they claimed, and until the elections of 2006, they met with no resistance from Congress. Since November there has been smoke, but now that summer is upon us, the Washington Post is trying to start a fire. If Congress seizes this opportunity to push back, we could all be witness to a historic shift in the constitutional balance of power.

And if they don’t, we might wake up one day soon to find that after 230 years, the United States are once again ruled by a King.

This week, the Post published a breathtaking series of stories about Dick Cheney’s unprecedented, and maybe even illegal, expansion of the power of the office of the Vice President. And as a part of that story, new attention was brought to bear on Cheney and Addington’s theory that the Office of the Vice President is in fact a fourth co-equal branch of government, not subject to the laws which govern conduct of the President himself. (more…)

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Move Over

I could have used one of these yesterday.

J.A. Tosti came up with the idea of putting a thin vinyl strip on the top of the windshield with an arrow pointing to the right lane that literally tells drivers to “Move Over.” The words are spelled backwards on the sticker, so a driver looking in their rearview mirror will see it spelled correctly – similar to how emergency vehicles spell out “ambulance” backwards on the hood.

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From the AP, just now:

WASHINGTON – The Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s office Wednesday for documents relating to President Bush’s warrant-free eavesdropping program.

Um, guys?  “Warrant-free eavesdropping?”  Is that like “Fat-free Ice Cream: all of the flavor but none of the guilt?”  Seriously.  The issue here is that NSA was wiretapping phones without search warrants.  Which is illegal, as in federal-prison-time illegal.  Was then, still is now.  Even if the President ordered it.  So that phrase should be “President Bush’s ILLEGAL wiretapping program.”  Because, see, the important bit of this story is that the President broke the law.

I’ll be looking forward to your correction.

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Or at least, a happy day for all those dirtbags who are taking your tax dollars to push their right-wing xenophobic social agenda and pretend that they’re doing it for Jesus.  I guess Sam Alito has never heard of “Separation of Church and State.”  I would love to spend an hour searching for evidence of federal grants being laundered through religious “charities” to fund e.g. the creationist “museum” in Kentucky, but since Strip-Search Sammy says that I can’t sue anyhow, what’s the point?

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No bong hits for him.

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Firedoglake has a nice roundup.  If this doesn’t force impeachment, I don’t know what will.

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Looks like we might not have heard the last from Debbie.   After the hotel broadcast debacle, Geraldo isn’t the most credible reporter, but this should be pretty juicy if she gets to release the names.  I can’t wait to see how many current members of Congress are on the list.  Or how many current Presidential candidates.  Or how many people in DOJ and CIA.  Debbie’s press release says:

I hope to discuss my displeasure with the ABC broadcast and why I believe the network held back names at the last moment,” she added. “I hope to announce my decision to distribute the phone records (all years 1993 to 2006) to as many responsible media, press and bloggers as possible, once the current injunction prohibiting me from releasing the invoices is lifted — and my reasons for doing so. Furthermore, it is Mr. Sibley and my hope we will be able talk about the fact that the Government, with the intentioned/unintentional assistance of the Courts has been able to seize and hold my property for 9 months now, without a hearing on the matter.

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